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My name is Ela, nice to meet you! I am here to discover and experience all sensuality and satisfy my sexuality in your company. I am naughty and always ready to have fun.
Always feel free to say hi and start nice and lovely conversations with me. I don't bite, I swear (at least not too hard LOL).
I love camming because this is good place to get to know people all over the World, practice English and live my life in total freedom .. In my freetime I like to travel, listen to music, read and do my charity activities.
If you want to know more about me, talk to me in the chat and don't be shy because I don't bite (at least not too much LOL).
- Be respectful in my room with me and everyone else
- Do not be rude, demand and complaining
- keep the dirty and personal talk in tipnopte or you will be silenced
- Do not promote in my room because you will be kicked immediately
- No complaining about my prices

Languages:English, German, Russian
Body Type:Aver

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