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My name is Alexa, I'm 30 years old with grey eyes and light brown hair. Always in the mood to have fun and spend quality time with interesting people.

I'm a part time high school teacher and this is my second job. It gives me opportunity to meet and talk to new people from all over the world and i love it.

In private i can be and do whatever you like if you know how to talk to me.
Don't ask me in free chat 'what can you do for me in private?'.. this question urn off for me cos i can tell that you treat me like someone who can do things just for you and not for both of us.
So be gentle and treat me good and we both would do things together for our pleasure:)
Don't waste your time and mine too asking to see all of me from the first minute because you won't get it.

Let me know what you like, what you want.I'm open minded so feel free to talk to me about anything.
We can talk about your fantasies, your naughty thoughts, your kinky desires and every wild thing you think about. Don't be afraid to ask about me, i'll be honest and tell you what you wanna know:)

See you in my room!XOXO

Body Type:Thin

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