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Hello guys! My name is Liza. I am a full of life person who loves to joke and to laugh. My body is in great shape because I love sports and healthy food!
It is not just a description, you must know the real Liza. I love meeting smart people, I want to learn new things. I love kind and open people who want to see not only my tits, but also my spiritual content. I am real here without any mask. I love a good conversation, I love to be satisfied and to satisfy as well. I can be sexy, passionate, romantic, naughty or mean, all depending on who I am dealing with. I look forward to get to know you to have fun and a lot of pleasure.

Be kind and polite.
Be respectfull with other users and admin.
If you request for something you must tip for it.
Don't be rude.
Don't tip for things i don't do.

My knights are special to me and are here to support me so don't be rude to them. This is a well-deserved position.
It cannot be bought, begged for, or wished for. This may seem harsh but know if I make you my knight it’s because you have earned special place in my heart.

Gender:Couples Female + Female
Languages:English, Russian
Body Type:Curvy