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  • at the beginning of may route through spain with Nti4044_mv .. surprises are coming :)

/// I invite you to have a good time and enjoy the moment together ////

The money is important, but so are the laughs, the morbid, and the entertaining moments.

I like to know your weaknesses and interests, that's why everyone is invited to express themselves, talk and above all integrate into this chamber.

If you risk to ask without contributing, accept also the option that I ignore your request, especially if you forget about education and good sense. I am not a robot or an AI, sometimes I feel and suffer (but only sometimes).

I invite you to propose me your wildest ideas, original and above all that one you have never dared to mention, because I love to know, test and discover new limits and horizons.

For example, until a few months ago I did not value the option of playing with my ass and now I do not think of doing anything else.

Crazy, funny, capricious, shameless, but above all perverted, morbid and vicious.

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♥♥♥♥ If you've come reading this far, ask me for a kiss ♥♥♥♥♥

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