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helloaa !!! nice to have met you I invite you to enter my room that if there are rules.

i am a very nice person and I am very happy to have met you, I am very happy to have met you.

second you will respect both my q is my room and the other users who are in it if you do not you will be expelled immediately.

third is totally forbidden to criticize anyone you will be expelled immediately.

fourth if you ask for contributions you are not going to have a good time at the expense of other users.

fifth I do not give or take num d tlf,s k y,inst and others, I do not do real only fulfill your fantasies and desires through the cam and chat, and do not stay with anyone either take a coffee or similar, I prefer to reserve my identity.

i prefer to keep my identity to myself, I prefer to keep my identity to myself.

about me... I love the morbid ...and discover things about my sexuality that I didn't know...let's have a good time.

and already the last little thing

PRIVACY CLAUSES: To persons or institutions that use this or any other site for studies, projects or hobbies of any kind, I inform you that you do not have my consent to use, reproduce, or photograph my profile ads or videos or images, or disclose what happens in the room without my permission, both in the present and in the future. its breach will be considered a serious violation of privacy and will be subject to legal consequences.

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