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Good day to all! I want to tell a little about myself.
Frequently Asked Questions: My name is Tatiana, I'm from Ukraine, I'm 38 years old. I'm divorced and I have two sons. Education: Polytechnic Technical School-Mechanical Engineering Economics, also a metallurgical production technologist. In Poland, she received one more profession-installer of electrical circuits. So you have a well-rounded lady. lol Work: After school I learned from a tailor and worked in a knitting factory, then I worked as a salesman in a shop, at a tailor's shop, when I was studying for an economist, I could not get a job by position except as a cashier in a bank, but my salary was just ridiculous. Then work at the metallurgical combine as a storekeeper, well, after training, work as a technologist. The trip to Poland gave me the opportunity to get another profession. In the end I work as a web-model, I have no other work at the moment. I read from other models that they need 10000 tokens for happiness. Yes, maybe a lot of money can be solved in our life, especially where there is corruption and bribery. As for me ? I, too, can not give up big money, it's true. But for happiness you need a person close to you who will love and understand, children who, through their successes and achievements in life will please me, can be a world that I still hope to see. All good, I kiss you

Country:Russian Federation
Body Type:Aver