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  • *Apart from erotic content, we hang out and chat with each other :)
  • *If you are going to ask me or want to see something special, you have to contribute an amount according to the level of your request and your desire to see me do it.
  • I don't tolerate disrespect, neither towards me nor towards others. I don't do real things.

    *I will NOT do what you want, it's my room and I do what I want.

    *It's not only erotic content, we can talk about our things.

    *We are here to enjoy and have fun, so don't be rude to me or to each other.

    ⚠ PRIVACY CLAUSE ⚠I inform you that you do not have my consent to use or reproduce or photograph my profile, nor my ads, nor my images, nor my videos in any form, chat or the like without my permission, both now and in the future. Your failure to do so will be considered a serious breach of privacy and subject to legal consequences.

    Languages:English, Spanish
    Interested In:Women, Couples, Men