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Hi and welcome to my room here you can find a charm and cute woman that can make you feel better always, i am a girl with simple tastes let me know your feelings i will take then fron the most sweet and cute ways, lest me complaining you and have a beautiful moment, i love to be different and make wonderful things for you tell me your likes and i will try to complain.

What turns me on
I love the long walks and little things in life, I love to go out and have a very good dinner together please give the chance to share with you my life and my soul, I love to teach things to the people and be with my close people I am very familiar and friendly.

What turns me off
I don't like the rude men and the bad manners, I don't like the problems and confrontations.

Ethnicity:Latin American
Languages:English, Spanish
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Body Type:Medium
Hair length:Short

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