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Hello, nice seeing you, I am Ella, a very funny girl, and I am also very sexy. I have a nice personality, I am not a bitch, I respect and care for those who are nice to me. I am here on the webcam because I feel like sharing my sensual life with you. I admire those who make me nice compliments and funny comments. I admire a man who knows how to be witty and how to make me smile.

What turns me on
I really like men who know how to treat a woman who love to pamper her with gifts and attention and express their appreciation, making her feel special to them.It makes me respect, pamper and appreciate

What turns me off
I don't like guys who just want to tell me their fantasies in a free chat so they can jerk off for free. It only shows a lack of respect for the efforts of models and a complete lack of masculinity


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