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Biography of Gwinnett

About model

I am a sociable and open minded girl, who loves to have fun and have a lot of friends. I like people with good behavior and sense of humor. I love photography, poetry and urban art. I'm a music lover, maybe there's no music that I do not like! I love the theater very much! Probably more than anything in the world! Very much I am afraid of dogs((, probably when nibud, someone can help or assist me to overcome this phobia!))

My FantasiesI
Sex with twins! :D

My Obsessions & Desires
Come to my room and be honest with your desires,I will do my best to have a good time with you !

Additional Info
I get turned by kinky fantasies and I am also romantic-I'd love to have a date on the beach with 100 white roses and red wine!

Special Info
I have a lot of ideas,stories to tell and fantasies to share!I love to dominate and sometimes to switch roles!..
I have costumes for role-playing games, there is even a nun costume!

My birthday is January 20, 1999

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✿LOVE 123 tks
✿Boobs 69 tks
✿Pussy 111 tks
✿Ass 50 tks
✿Feet 30 tks
✿Naked 169 tks
✿anal 222 tks
✿Oil show 555 tks
✿Squirt show 777 tks
✿Fuck tits 88 tks
✿Suck nipples 33 tks (If the breast is already naked)
✿Fuck pussy 199 tks
✿Suck dildo 44 tks
✿Anal plug (tail of a fox) in the ass 77 tks
✿Lush (LOVENSE) in the ass 188 tks
✿Other inquiries please specify

♥ Add My Knights =1000Tk
♥Be My Hero = 5,000 tkn
♥Be my superhero =10,000 tkn.


Level settings for Lush

1 to 4 tokens: LOW VIBRATIONS for 1 SECONDS
5 to 14 tokens: LOW VIBRATIONS for 2 SECONDS
15 to 25 tokens: LOW VIBRATIONS for 7 SECONDS
26 to 50 tokens: MEDIUM VIBRATIONS for 15 SECONDS
51 to 99 tokens: MEDIUM VIBRATIONS for 30 SECONDS
100 to 332 tokens: HIGH VIBRATIONS for 50 SECONDS
333 to 333 tokens: MEDIUM VIBRATIONS for 333 SECONDS
334 to 1110 tokens: ULTRA HIGH VIBRATIONS for 120 SECONDS
1111 to 3332 tokens: WAVE for 180 SECONDS
3333 to 999999 tokens: PULSE for 222 SECONDS


About the sick:
I'm sick of this disrespect !!!!!!! I'm the same person as you are !!! Why do not you work for free ??? Discard 5 tokens ($ 0.25) and ASK ANAL. This is normal??? I communicate with you for free! But be kind, treat humanly! If you want me to do something, go to the profile and read the tip menu!
For free requests I will block!


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