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I love being your princess, I enjoy being with an intelligent man who knows how to have fun but you could excite me trying to dominate me, I love losing control of my body until I want to faint with pleasure.
I am a very sexy girl, I am sure that my moans are music to your ears but I am also an intelligent and strong girl who is willing to be dominated, you must know me, my personality and my body will break all your barriers and take you to the limit

What turns me on
I enjoy discovering my naughty and sexy side, let's have fun together and tell me what you want from me.
I love to dance and spank my ass, touch my whole body and it's much better when I do it with you exploiting my sensual side.

What turns me off
I don't want you to insist when you know my limits, I want you to treat me like a gentleman and be respectful of my time and my way of doing things.

Sexual Preference:straight
Cup size of the model:A

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