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  • Oct 21, 1988
    Croatia, Rijeka
    English, German
  • Last activity Aug 3, 2020

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Hello :D


We are Agatha & Andreas from Cres, Croatia :) We are not those people who lies that we have another job... No guys... THIS IS OUR JOB. This is what we do for our living: WE FUCK. :)

Look at our live performance: we always do the show, we never stop ... But if you ask something or ask for something? Well, we always see your question and we always answer immediately... and you can have very nice conversations with us. The reason: we have a totally invisible 3rd person here who helps the show and communicates with YOU. :) My name is Voldemort (Pencilia), im a 31 years old girl and I LOVE TO MEET PEOPLE from all over the world and i love to have passionate talk with YOU :D

HOBBY: You will LOL... But its true: we are not party people in our personal life. We live a very unsociable life with our beautiful family. This is our hobby :)

TALENTS: Guys... We are so open-and-shut... There is no need to be so complicated. :D We dont wanna be special... BUT we have a 22 cm long cock here which can be deepthroated ALL THE WAY DOWN to the balls. :D

TURN OFF: When you forget that we are HUMAN... so we are not robots.. we do some things with care... and we say NO to other things. Please accept us :D

WE are LIVE PERFORMERS on the sexier side of the internet years ago. We love our job. So we do requests BY PLEASUE. But only for the deserved price. We are not using way-out numbers. But we use them.... Okay? LOL (And please... Dont ask me to join this great cpl... im totally asexual here.)

PERFECT DATE: Agatha and Andreas dont think they are perfect for each other... Actually they are quarreling a lot! But when they have a date..... Its always perfect. :)

MEANING OF LIFE: Not to be rich... Not to find the perfect happiness. But LEARNING about our own personality.... Yeah. :)

LIFEGOAL: To have the most experience at all.

CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: Sorry guys... Just think twice.... Isnt it crazy enough to fuck and do sex by requests in front of a webcamera ALL TIME? Lol

IF I COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW: We are not envious people. We always love to be where we are :D

5 THINGS YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Coffe & Coffee & Coffee & Coffee & Coffee :)

DOING FOR FUN:Agatha sleeps, Andreas goes to the gym and Im a musician-singer Voldemort here :)

BEST REASON TO GET TO KNOW ME: We do so so powerful and lively sex shows.... And we can make so so passionate conversations.... We can laugh togehter too... Sometimes we "cry" with our cyber friends here :) YES we can be FRIENDS, baby...No doubt about it ;)

So we are here to play.... turture and have fun.... here is a little inspiration to play with us:

- DEEPTHROAT (GAG) = 25 / BALLSkiss = 20 / ForeSkinPlay = 21 / FACEFUCK = 52 / SPIT (DROOL) = 8

- BOOBSkiss = 15 / BOOBjob = 27 / PinchNipples = 17

- ASSHOLErubbing = 14 / AddFINGERinASS = 40 / Spank = 11

- ClitVibra = 13 / CockGrind = 15 / AddFINGERinPUSSY = 31 / licking = 35

- STOCKINGS = 12 / HEELS = 16 / FOOTjob = 18 / RevFOOTjob = 19

- FINGER HIM = 45 / RIM HIM = 50 / BALLSkiss = 20 / OIL = 22

- HandCuff = 60 / Spank = 11 / WhipSpank = 12 / HairPull = 14 / NeckChoking = 28 / CockSlap = 17 / Tickle = 16 / Bondage = 77 tokens

Gender:Couples Female + Male
Languages:English, German
Name:Agatha and Andreas
Body Type:Aver