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-I am an 18 year old girl from Colombia wonderful country
- Something shy at first after entering confidence I'm perverted
-adoro meet men and women kind and respectful
-I'm a nice girl and my close friends say crazy in the head (you can check it yourself).
-I've been on webcam for weeks, I like it and I enjoy it, I try every day to be better and with your help I will achieve it
- start this project with andru my special friend (I love having special friends)
-I love reading and traveling

- Stay in my room and you will see that I love to laugh and have a lot of fun here.
But, please, do not be a stranger, say hello! I will not bite, I promise! :

-In general, I am online from Monday to Saturday (on Sunday I need to relax my nipples and pussy) from 19:00 hrs until 23:30 hrs, SPAIN'S HOURS)

Gender:Couples Female + Male
Languages:Spanish, English
Body Type:Athletic

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