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••Something about me❔••

• I'm Kami. I'm 20 years old and I am from China. Wonderful country.
• I love to talk about anything.
• I love to music, paint and draw portraits.
• I love nice and respectful people.
• I am friendly and I will try to make you smile, just dont be rude and everything will be ok.
• Beside being friendly, my members say i am crazy. No doubt. You can convince yourself.

Stick around my room and you’ll see I love to laugh and have lots of fun here.
But please don’t be a stranger, say Hello! I won’t bite, I promise! :)



~First of all, everyone is welcome in my room: Grey, Green or Gold so please feel free to talk to me.

•Please show respect to me and also the other guests in my room and I will show you respect
in return
• Do NOT demand. I hate rude people!
• Please, don't try to control/direct my room, you will be asked to leave or be banned.
• ALL MODELS are welcome to my room, just don't start advertising your room. It's not ok.
• IF you want me to add you as a friend, tip me 13 TKNS
• I am on a NON NUDE Category so do not ask to get undressed in public or stuff like this. You will be muted/banned.
• I DO NOT USE LUSH, DILDOS, ANAL STUFF or other sexual toys.
•Chill your nipples!


• You can take me in private whenever you want.
• I will try to do my best for you, please, be nice with me.
• If I will not comply with your wishes, please be a gentleman and try to understand

Body Type:Curvy

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