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Hello to everyone. My name is Alexa, from Ukraine, am 21 . Don’t like to write about myself, prefer to listen to interlocutor. Do it only for those guys who just came into my room and start to interrupt the chat conversation with “where are you from bb” and “how old are you”.

Will be thankful, if you read this and will not flood my room with random usual phrases which drive me insane. I ban people, who are dissrespectful to me and to my friends, spaming, requesting with no paying, begging and demanding. So be careful:)
Please, read the topic right after entering my room.
If you have “special” or rude wishes, use PMs for that.
If you don’t have money, enjoy the show I do.
No anal, no shows what may be dangerous for my life:) no escort.

Ok. something what may be interesting for you.
The most important to me is not your age or place of the living, but that enjoyment of the talk, that pleasure and sincerelly sutisfying. Like to meet new interesting people and happy to know those ones who already are or were in my life.
Like music of all kinds, like dances of all kinds, like pleasure of all kinds:) But most of all like to make you to smile. Like to live by this moment. What is going on right now and right here.
Get pleasure of doing little things.

I like respectful men with kind hearts. But have weaknes to charming ones who know how to treat the woman and good at bla bla:)

Happy that have such friends. Thank you for taking me to the smilly rainbow all the time:)
Thankful to everyone who helps me. Guys, you are the best. Thank you from whole my heart.

Come to me. Our time will be unforgetefull with precious emotions. You will find here everything you’ve ever needed.

My dear friends! Thank you for being with me and sharing your time. Thank you for everything you do and those priceless emotions you present.
Am happy to know you and have by my side.
Sincerely wish you all of the blessings in Christmas and New year.
Stay happy, love and be loved.

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