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I am young and innocent, I want to learn with you, I want to remember you every night and if I cannot have you I will dream of you, you will not be able to prevent me from enjoying you, my dreams are mine.

What turns me on
My sexual fantasy is that you do things to me that later I don't even know how to tell them, that my legs tremble just remembering you, that you moisten my lips even though my mouth is dry, invite me to sin that I am willing to go down to hell while we visit the paradise of our most perverse fantasies.

What turns me off
I don't like weak men, I want a man who makes me his own, who takes care of me, teaches me, tells me what to do, I don't want disrespectful and less men who don't know how to value a fine delicacy like me.

Languages:English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian

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