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I don't like to say i got an answer for everything but when i don't know something i still got my smile. Being an visual and auditive person, I can't get enough from photography, movies and some shows of course, which makes me enjoy to go out and record some vids for my own but i'm very tender and possesive sometimes so is not so bad for me to stay at home watching movies together ♥

What turns me on
what i love the most is to listen music and eat something really delicious, it could be while i'm editing my vids which is also something i enjoy a lot or maybe just with my friends, since they love to appear on my vids, my fav movie is (of course), Titanic.

What turns me off
I don't like rude boys at all, they desarm me and make my smile dessapear

Ethnicity:Latin American
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Body Type:Athletic
Hair length:Long

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