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I am that woman who likes to ponder life’s deep questions, and I just love guys who will sit with me under the stars and talk all night about the mysteries of the universe. You will find in me a woman who is witty, educated, thoughtful, who can hold her own in any conversation. And I don’t necessarily mean “book smarts,” or academic knowledge. I’m more interested in wisdom, street smarts, sense of humor, emotional intelligence.
I can appreciate ambition. I get the importance of dreaming big. But at the end of the day, I am a woman who savors the little things. In me you will find a woman who knows what’s really important in life – family, friendship, love and connection.
I am very much excited by submissive men, respectful ones, innovation in bed, a good foreplay and many, many kisses on my belly!


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⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶⚶ ...and ENJOY!!! ⚶⚶⚶⚶

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