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███▓▒░░. WELCOME TO MY PROFILE ░░▒▓███

I am here to bring the best of you, even when you stop believing in yourself. I can give you all my attention and I can be here for you,
when you need a shoulder to put your head on. Let free of your darkest thoughts and fantasies in my presence and we shall build
our secret world with lust and passion, but behold as my love can be addictive.
My enormous capacity for loving and caring will pour out once my emotions are unlocked.
Once you have touched me deep in my soul, I will never cease to please you, willing to experiment new techniques to reach ecstasy!

I confess I started doing this to pay my rent and to keep my way of life

⛔Here are some basic rules for you if youre in my room:

✅ Read the topic first!
✅ Dont make any requests without tipping, we are not in the market to bargain!
✅ Don't be a beggar
✅ Enjoy my show respects my rules
✅ Please be nice to everybody, do not argue with people.
✅ Please be nice to me

███▓▒░░. I´M ONLINE ░░▒▓███
Monday: 7:45 am
Tuesday: 7:45 am
Wednesday: 7:45 am
Thursday: 7:45 am
Friday: 7:45 am
Saturday: Some Saturdays I connect
Sunday: free

Thank you for being a part of the lucyana team! Love ya all my super guys!

███▓▒░░. TIP MENU ░░▒▓███

♚ Love Number _________ 11 Tokens
♚ Smile __________22 Tokens
♚ Change Song _________ 44 Tokens
♚ Flash Boobs _________ 69 Tokens
♚ Spank ass x2 _________ 77 Tokens
♚ Flash Pussy _________ 199 Tokens
♚ Striptease _________ 555 Tokens
♚ Naked Dance _________ 399 Tokens
♚ Love me _________ 999 Tokens
♚ Adore me _________ 1111 Tokens
♚ Send me home _________ 9999 Tokens


███▓▒░░. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP ░░▒▓██

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Languages:English, Spanish
Body Type:Curvy

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