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A couple that likes exhibitionism and the liberal world, but we have not yet experienced being with other people, maybe we will do it very soon, but meanwhile, we enjoy here, little by little, doing everything we want... The best of life is to live... We make it clear that we are not looking for a guy for a threesome, nor a girl, that will happen in the time we have... Respect for me and her is always important... Take advantage and have a good time with us, have a great time.

A few rules to follow:

1 - If you want to ask, then contribute something, don't ask if you don't contribute.
2 - To see the other rules contribute something...
3 - Respect me and my husband, otherwise you will be banned.
4 - If you don't have any coins you are welcome but DON'T ASK FOR ANYTHING.
5 - 🤬 I hate TACAÑOS and fucking annoying people 🥺

Languages:English, French, Spanish
Interested In:Women, Couples, Men, Trans