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About cam model

We are a normal couple enjoying sex that spend a little time here to have a good time and to get something extra from me.

It makes me horny to exhibit myself, to know that you are jerking off with me and you cum thinking about me, while you make me feel slutty giving me coins 🥰

For more intimacy in your morbid experience you can use the PRIVATE or the EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE where you will only see me and you can activate your microphone and cam.

You can also give me a gift from thegift list of AmazonAmazon that for sure I'll give you something too (surprise x surprise) 🎁🥰

⚠️ I only respond to private messages within this website and from those who contribute in the room. And in any case at the end of the broadcast.


-do you make real: NO

-do you make video calls outside: NO

-do you chat outside: NO

-where are you from?

I prefer to say just the province, and if we broadcast on the street I don't say where we are either. Unless in the middle of an exclusive private you put your cam, we like you and we feel like meeting you (that wouldn't imply having sex with you)

-are you liberal?

YES. but we are here to have fun here. the liberal world we keep it aside and for that we are on swingers and liberals pages.

-do you like young guys?

Not especially, it depends on each case.

-what do you call yourselves on Instagram and Twitter:

We are MarioyPeach18 on social networks and liberal couples websites. In the profile are available links to social networks and Amazon gift list so you can access directly.

(Instagram is private, if you want to enter send a message saying who you are here or send capture of your amateur profile to value the request to follow)

-would you broadcast with me:

WE LOVE TO BROADCAST WITH PEOPLE!!! But not with just anyone, in any way, or anywhere. If you are one of those who contributes in the room, we like you physically and intellectually, you have room and you are willing to provide what is necessary to request authorization to amateurTv, we could have a drink and talk about it seriously. (amateurTv requires authorization from third parties who will appear on the webcam so it is necessary to provide ID among other things)

Interested In:Women, Couples, Men, Trans