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Thank you all for your online support here and I appreciate that during such a short period of time I have got so many people who follow me and share their time and tokens with me. Thank you! #TeamHiya

My name is Hiya Kim, I am 20 years old and I am a future director of porn films. I am always happy to find new friends but I don’t have too much time to talk during the shows because I always try to do my best here. I love singing, I am an ex-gymnast, but because of injury I had to quit sport.

Please, respect ME and all the members in my room.
Do not spam, be patient, please, if you have a request, check tip menu or pm me.
I love experiments, but I am not a ‘no limits’ model.
Have fun.

As I have mentioned, I am going to create porn films in the near future. My wish is not only to make money in this industry but to create something new, interesting, something that will turn the industry upside down.
I have a team, but I still need people, and, of course, we need money to start and perform our ideas into reality. That’s why I am going to ask you for your help and to thank all of you for your support, I will organize some kind of contest here that will give you a chance to:
- become a part of our team – I need 20 people from here (not only actors, but all the stuff), half of them will be chosen randomly live here on May, 15;
- get a lifetime subscription to our content and products.

Tip 20 tokens to get 1 ticket. As much you tip, as many tickets you get;
When you tip, pm me with your e-mail address;
Wait for your number (or numbers) of the ticket (or tickets) to become a part of this contest.

Age: 18+;
Location of first film production: USA;
Genre: f*ck fake porn;

Thank you all for your support here! Every day, step by step, we are coming closer to our dream! #TeamHiya

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Country:Republic of Korea
Body Type:Athletic