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Oh boys, let me tell u one story.... One day, I was going to the gym, took the elevator, just before the door was closing I saw a thick and very masculine hand stopping the door, suddenly a tall man and attractive for my taste, just when we were getting to the first floor, the elevator stopped working, I was being a little claustrophobic and i was going to press the emergency button, but the man took my hand, we looked into each other eyes, I said "what are you doing "He just grabbed my neck , he grabbed my hair and make me to kiss him, then he put his thumb in my mouth, broke my ripped my soaked leggins, took my hair and when I penetrated I felt things that I had never experienced it, my heart was beating louder than ever, I was so excited, my legs were leaking and dropping with pleasure, if the floor was wet, you can not imagine how I was.

Languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
Body Type:Curvy

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