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They say cuteness and sexyness don't go together, but I am a proof of that ! Im an outgoing friendly girl that is full of surpises and eager to make the most of every moment ! Let me discover that side on your mind that is aching to be unleashed!

What turns me on
I love animals, and I have a mini zoo at home ? They are innocent and unconditionally loving ! I also love food, specially the kind I should definitely not be having ! haha but I am always happy to burn the callories in the most fun ways !

What turns me off
Dishonest people, or people who are straight up rude get to my nerves ! If you're a nice guy, you have a ticket into my heart ?

Ethnicity:Latin American
Languages:English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Body Type:Athletic
Hair length:Long

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