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Hey. My name is Rina, I was not born in Poland, but now I live here. Here I want to find some friends and new acquaintances. I will be glad to everyone. I am 18 years old, I am a little fond of art, I like everything connected with it. I also like to just relax and have fun. I am into any party here :) If you have any ideas, how you can impress me, let's do it :) Most importantly, what I want to say to you my little friend, respect me and I will respect you. Let's just have fun and have fun here! Greet you in my room. Surprise me!

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A little more talk about myself. I don't have a boyfriend ! I think it is important to know for you. I will not meet in real life, do not even suggest, I am still quite a little ahah) You are all friends for me, very good friends! I like my tattoos, I don't like stuffing something that is not something special, each tattoo means something to me, if you also have tattoos we can talk a little about it. I must say, I do not like to read, learn, I just like to have fun. And I want you to share this feeling with me :) I left school early, but I'm not a stupid girl, as you might think. I always set myself goals in life and achieve them. If I want something, I will definitely get it, because I just think about it. I like to study the psychology of people, so don't be surprised if I ask you strange questions. I just want to do it. I like men, a lot of men, I like their secular body in them, their speech, their fantasy with me, their sexual talk with me . how much I love it, you can't imagine! I really respect my body for this very reason I don’t want to show it for free, any work should be evaluated. I hope you understand me. I think that this is not a free site, and you should understand this perfectly.

(*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*)(*°▽°*) (*°▽°*) (*°▽°*)

You can buy my snapchat or 355tk, there we will have a good time with each other, I will throw off different videos and photos to you, also support you in everything and find a common language, if you need such a friend, just make it)

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About my room topic u can ask me in pm:)

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