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Hi, my name is Sabrina. I am 18 years old. I am from Latvia.
I have a stubborn and firm character. I always reach my goal. If you are ready to fight with me, let me know about it. Going into my room you will forget about your problems and find peace.
But in my hard-nosed character there is a weak trait, I really love pets.) And you .?!
Starting to communicate with me you will understand me like no other) My principles and character)
Welcome to my room, I'm always waiting for you here)
The rules of my room:
1. I don’t undress to the public
2. Be polite
3. Don't be rude
4. Go to my room and say hello
5. Always answer one
6.No conflicts in general chat.
7. Do not do anal sex.
8. On personal matters write in private

Body Type:Thin

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