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My name is Sammy and i am always up for good time. You just need to join me on a live chat and i am pretty sure we can find a way to share good moments!

I was born in Cali Colombia i am 24 i love to travel a lot, i love cinema and the good food i am extremely femenine and i like to enjoy eroticism us i am is a pervert but very decent.
Sometimes you will see me covered in clothes and not me naked...but when i do, when i am naked...i am another woman and i do not answer for what may happen...

Here you will find a lettle more about me, a little more about my body, my time...i hope you like it.

I will be here every day and sometimes i will be absent, but be sure to contact me and follow my social networks, or you can follow me here and look at my calendar! Thank you for sharing your time with me and welcome.

Languages:English, Spanish
Body Type:Thin

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