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welcome to my room bbys

My name is Sara, I live in Manizales, Colombia, but I am from the Cauca Valley. I love dancing and I love cooking. I like seafood and healthy food. I study holistic therapies. I love makeup and the world of cosmetics. fashion, I'm a vain girl, I love the anime series like full metal, evangeliun and dragon boll among many, I have two kittens one of flame orion and the other star are my two loves accompany me everywhere in the apartment, I love the Sushi Asian food is the best, my grandparents were philippine so I have an approach to that hahaha culture and I love all kinds of music especially jazz and hiphop I love educational programs like history and discovery to see ancestral aliens. I love the paranormal the ghost movies, also the neflix series like the walking dead, American horror stories, game of thrones .my biggest dream is to travel the world, share my experiences, finish my studies and help animal shelters, encourage them to stop selling domestic animals to prolong adoption. I would also like to be in the top 20 of this great page so I can be closer to my dreams. Thank you for being in my room. This is just part of who I am. I do not know much English but I am studying English. Welcome.
I am going to give you some options from the menu so that you can choose them and thus be able to help me progress on this page, thank you.
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Languages:English, Spanish
Name:Sara young
Body Type:Thin